You can play on Android and iOS devices, as well as on Facebook.

You can start a game by tapping the PLAY button under the particular bet room.

It’s a game you can create on your own rules. Select CUSTOM GAME option, set the amount of coins you want to bet, and share a game code with your friend so that you can play together! If your friend was the one who invites you to the custom game, all you have to do is to select CUSTOM GAME option and tap the JOIN button. Enter a six-digit code and begin the game!

Gammon is when one of the players wins before his opponent bears off any of his checkers.

Backgammon is when the losing player hasn’t borne off any checkers and also has checkers on the bar or in the winning player’s home board.

If you want to progress in leaderboards, you have to improve your statistics by winning games. The higher the bet amount, the bigger the reward is! Bigger rewards increase your chances to be the first one in the leaderboards!

There are the following types of leaderboards (all of them being global):

  • Today: contains all users that play in a particular day;
  • Yesterday: contains all users that played the day before;
  • Of all time: contains all users that have ever played the game.

In order to unlock other boards with higher bets or tournaments, you have to gain more experience and level up. The number of levels you need to reach to unlock a particular room is displayed on the red background and when you tap the room.

XP points are the points you gain during the gameplay (both when you win and lose). The more you play, the more XP points you collect. When you gain a proper amount of points, you level up and unlock many features.

An open point is a space occupied by one or no opposing checkers, which means that you’re allowed to place your checker there.

It is NOT allowed to move your checkers backward.

After you roll the dice, the system will make the moves automatically if there is just one possible way to move them.

You bear off the checkers by rolling dice and moving them forward in accordance with numbers that appear on the dice. However, it may happen that some of your checkers are on point 6 and the number of dots on the dice is too low to bear them off (for example, when you roll 1 and 2). Then, you cannot bear these checkers off because they are too far away. You have to move them forward in accordance with the dice.

Tap the settings button and then RESIGN. Remember that if you resign from the game, your opponent will win and receive the bet coins.

Yes. The moment you resign from further gameplay, the opponent wins and receives the bet money.

Tap the DOUBLE button that appears on the left side right before you roll the dice. Please notice, that it will not show if AUTO ROLL option is enabled.


The first double is available to both players. The following doubles can be offered by the last player who accepted a double.

You’re not allowed to double the bet twice in a row. If you already offered a double to your opponent, then you have to wait till he offers a double, and then you can offer another double. It may happen that you can’t offer the double because you don’t have enough coins (in case you lose the game). You will be informed about it by a notification.

Yes. If you don’t accept a double, your opponent wins the game and receives coins.

There is no way to cheat in the game, our servers are highly secured by multiple firewalls. Moreover, we use a cryptographically secure random generator for the dice, so it is completely random and fair.

Rooms with higher bets are usually visited by advanced players with great experience. Thus, the players on beginner level tend to lose most of the games because they compete against professionalists.