Gin Rummy Legends

Gin rummy is a timeless classic that owes its long-lived popularity to the phenomenal balance between simplicity of gameplay mechanics and a constant supply of thrilling and highly consequential choice-making. Game rounds are short and exciting which makes the game perfect for busy modern-day life while its underlying deep layer of poker-like mind-games and subtle strategy will definitely keep you engaged during longer sessions.

Become a Legend with Gin Rummy Legends

Test your wits in a quick, addictively fun, and easy-to-learn card game that will keep your mind deeply engaged thanks to a constant supply of thrilling tactical decisions! Play online, chat and meet new friends from all around the world or invite your best buddies to join you. Experience the most social Gin Rummy app ever created!

The experienced development team at Ahoy Games once again is raising the bar for quality card games. Try Gin Rummy Legends for free and see for yourself!

● Online multiplayer – fair and fast matchmaking for players of every skill level.

● Chat with friends – real-time chat with emotes, voice and image sending.

● Responsive gameplay – designed to deliver the best experience and feedback.

● Fair card system – truly random card shuffling.

● Stunning looks and immersive sounds- beautifully crafted game tables and cards with full 3D animations and realistic sound fx.

● Tournaments and events – compete to win amazing rings, trophies, coins and other cool rewards.

● Leaderboards – climb to the top of local and global rankings.

● Free coins – regular free bonuses.

● Play on multiple devices – login with Facebook and always have access to your account, friends, coins and game stats.

● Many supported languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Turkish, and many others.

● Coin logs – If you have any doubt about your account’s coin activity you can access ‘Coin Logs’ and check your account history, just like you can do at a bank.

● Constant improvements – crafted by a passionate team that truly cares about delivering the most immersive and fun gaming experience. We listen to our players and update the game regularly with new features and improvements.

● Free to play – enjoy the full game for free.

New to the game? Get ready with our beginner-friendly interactive in-game tutorial that will explain the rules to you in no time!

Coins 💲

If you are low on coins, you can keep enjoying Gin Rummy Legends by purchasing in-game currency or you can wait for the next hourly bonus to be ready. Alternatively, you can choose to watch a promotional video and get just enough coins to get back to the game.

Push notifications 📲
Push notifications for the hourly bonus, in-game chat messages, and others are configurable via the Notifications panel in the Settings menu. The Settings menu is accessible from the icon on the top-right of the main menu.

Coin Logs
If you have any doubt about your Gin Rummy account’s coin activity. You can access ‘Coin Logs’ from the Settings menu and check your account history just like you can do at a bank!

Tournament mode and rings
Every week the ring and the boards of each rank change. Complete all 5 ranks to collect the weekly ring.

Arena mode
Once you enter the arena, you must have 3 wins in a row to be able to win the reward.

Come and become one of the legends! Gin Rummy Legends! 🏆