Arena mode is more difficult than an ordinary game but it’s also considerably more rewarding. The goal is to win three bet games in a row. In order to start, you need to pay an entrance fee. If you succeed in winning three games in a row, you’ll receive a trophy (which will be shown on your profile and visible to other players) and a big reward of extra coins. However, if you lose any of the three games, your progress will disappear and you’ll have to re-enter the Arena.

Tournaments consist of 5 ranks played on a unique, specially designed board. You have to pay an entrance fee to enter the rank. You need to complete one rank (meaning, win 3 games) in order to enter the second one. When you complete the rank, you’re rewarded with coins. The higher the rank, the bigger the reward. When you complete all five ranks, you get a ring. Every week there is a different ring to collect.